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“Love makes no comparisons.” 
— A Course in Miracles 

Ever heard the phrase, “I love you more?” More than what? More than whom? Does that mean that everyone gets a different amount of love as if it were a commodity that is divided among the chosen ones?

Conditional love is full of comparisons, judgment, expectation. But real love which is unconditional love–we could say it is love with a big “L”–has zero expectations, judgment, or expectations. It compares none, for there is no comparison.

Another way to see this is full acceptance. There is no wish that the other be better in any way for they are loved as they are, and as they will be, and as they have been. It matters not anything about their choices, they are simply loved.

And here’s another insight. When someone loves without condition, there is no thought of reciprocity. It is given. It requires nothing. It seeks nothing. It simply is.

How can you love someone who is so different from us or makes what we might call terrible choices, or lives a damaging lifestyle? There is only one way. We must let go of our conditions.

This is also true of the people we do like, that live a life we admire and respect, and that makes choices that are good in our opinion. Are we loving them without condition, or are we loving them until they change? When they are easy to love, they are easy to not love too. But, as we love them without condition, we open ourselves to the opportunity to love anyone as we choose.

Of course, adding people to a list is sort of conditional in its own way, but as we expand into accepting fully all human beings, and all of creation, we might have just an inkling of what the Love of God truly is.

Love Makes No Comparisons. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by allowing all in the world choose as they will and find joy in that release.

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