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“My dog is worried about the economy
because Alpo is up to 99 cents a can. 
That’s almost $7.00 in dog money.” 
— Joe Weinstein 

Not really. . . but the reason I went with this funny quote is that I never, ever see my dog worry about the economy. He doesn’t worry about getting fed. He doesn’t worry about getting love. He doesn’t worry about calories or getting fat, or losing weight. He doesn’t worry about the news. In fact, he doesn’t read the paper or watch the news, or use the Internet. He just doesn’t worry at all.

He is eager. He’s eager to play. He’s eager to go for a walk. He’s eager to go for a ride. He’s excited and eager to get his food when he decides he’s hungry.

He doesn’t stress over things or circumstance. If I’m taking too long to get ready for a walk, he simply lays on the floor and looks at me curiously, or if he tires of that, he takes a quick nap. After he eats, he takes a nap. When he’s bored, he takes a nap. His solution for any kind of potential stress is taking a nap. Works for me too when I do it.

He’s content to walk down the same path every day, yet eager to see a new one. He seems to find lingering scents to spend many moments regardless of the terrain, although he is infinitely more interested in other dogs have been down this path in the recent past.

Dogs bark at him from behind fences and he doesn’t seem to give a rip about that. Some sound big and mean and certainly loud, and he goes on as if it was nothing at all. He shivers when it’s 67 degrees, but it can be 40 degrees and if he is on a walk, he’s not paying any attention to shivers (Charlie is a little toy Chihuahua).

He never gets tired or bored with love touching, caressing, petting, pampering. I think he could fall asleep with soft caresses and wake up wanting more. Hmmm. Sounds good to me. . .

He gives me love by just looking at me working from across the room. He’s always encouraging me to exercise, with him of course, and he dotes on my presence.

Maybe some of these things would be good for we humans to emulate and incorporate. No stress? Seems like a wonderful idea! No worries? Seems unheard of yet potentially life-changing. Always eager? There’s nothing like fresh enthusiasm! Patient? I don’t know any humans who couldn’t benefit from more of that! Always open to being loved? Why the heck not? Always present and always exuding love? Eckhart Tolle would be proud (well, no, he wouldn’t ever be proud, would he?).

It’s Amazing What We Can Learn When We Pay Attention. Even From Our Friendly Animals. 

Spread Some Joy Today–It’s the second largest shopping day of the year. I hope you find some joy there too.

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