Daily Inspiration 12-25-17

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“Whatever Christmas is for you,
I hope that it has exceeded
all you could have hoped for. “
— Terry Minion  

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Christmas should be __________. Christmas should be about ________. Christmas is for ___________. Merry Christmas! The holidays are tough. Many people are depressed during the holidays. Christmas is too commercial.

There are as many different ways that Christmas can be, can mean, can be manifested as there are humans to choose. After all, we chose it all. We just made it up. Then we collectively agreed on certain things about that. So, whatever it is to you, that is perfect. Since we all get to choose, we all get to choose how it will be, what it will mean, how it will play out.

Look at all that power we have! We can make it what we will. And, we do!

I sort of like the idea of choosing joy, but it wasn’t always that way for me. Yet, it was always my choice of what I would think about it, how I would choose to feel, and what actions I may or may not take.

So, from my new home on wheels to yours wherever you find yourself, I wish you to choose what suits you best.

I Am Choosing Joy Today. I Am Choosing Joy No Matter Where I Am. 

Spread Some Joy Today–If you’ve got a mind to do so. If you have the joy to spread, it is easy enough to do so. Simply be.

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