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“Our world has many superheros. 
But they have the worst 
 of all superpowers: invisibility.” 

— Mundano 

I was compelled to share this TED video with you today. It spoke to me in a number of ways. It is about seeing a larger picture and at the same time seeing much detail. It is about expanding ourselves in an unexpected and yet very grand way. It is about giving others a voice. It is about helping others to build self-esteem. It is about fun and joy and color and humor. It is about how a need gets taken care of without us even noticing it. It is about entrepreneurship, being of value, being creative and resourceful. It is about a bit of life magic in the normally mundane. It is about passion and love.

It is about one person who has an idea that is different from what he normally does and this idea expands and expands and becomes even more. Then the idea is shared and expanded more until it becomes something that is spread around the world and is shared so that others can join and participate. It all began with a simple idea. . .

In Brazil, “catadores” collect junk and recyclables. But while they provide a vital service that benefits all, they are nearly invisible as they roam the streets. Enter graffiti artist Mundano, a TED Fellow. In a spirited talk, he describes his project “Pimp My Carroça,” which has transformed these heroic workers’ carts into things of beauty and infused them with a sense of humor. It’s a movement that is going global.

(See video transcript here.)  Check out the website at http://www.pimpmycarroca.com/en/
Looking At The Common With An Uncommon Eye. 

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