Daily Inspiration 12-25-13

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“When you serve with love,

the universe finds ingenious ways to pay you.”

— Alan Cohen

I went out to breakfast with family this morning (Christmas eve) at a place they raved about. I had heard some of the success story of a family owned and managed establishment that seems to always be filled to capacity and beyond. As we entered, a young man (owners son) greeted us with humor and fun and passion. We sat near the front and I heard him greeting many people in that extremely confident, kind and enthusiastic way.


 thought about how well he did that job and as I looked around I appreciated the décor and attention to detail. One greeting came in the middle of the meal that was very memorable to me. Remember. the place is packed and there are people waiting. The customer asked if he had a table for eight. With unbounded holiday spirit, he replied, “absolutely!.” It came to pass that they were seated within a short time, but I was amazed at his response because under these conditions, I have heard other people hem and haw, mention how busy it is, ask if they had reservations, or any number of other not so helpful responses.

When you love what you do and you do it with this conviction, everything you do is filled with love.

Table For Eight? Absolutely! Thank You For Stopping By Today!

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