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“Me is not in control of I. 
I am in control of me. 
But, is control the right word?” 
— Albert K. Strong 

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[Classic post from 8-4-15]

What a silly quote this is from Albert Strong, yet it does put it in a perspective that can be more easily seen. Who is in control? Who is in charge?

Some people say, “why do these things keep happening to me?” That would be the “me”. Yes, the “me” is in control of the “I”. Deepak Chopra says it nicely: “Owning your own feelings, rather than blaming them on someone else, is the mark of a person who has moved from contracted to expanded awareness.” And, that would be “I”. Yes, I am in control of me.

But is control the right word? Abraham, Esther Hicks shares this beautiful and enlightening sentence: “Without making the correlation between your thoughts and feelings and the manifestations that are occurring, you have no conscious control of what happens in your experience.” Awareness might be a better word. Or knowledge. Rather than control. It’s less about control and more about becoming aware of how the Universe works and how to enjoy more of this wonderful life we get to experience. Of course, that certainly does give us more control, so control might be a good word after all.

At the very top of everything that I have learned in my entire life, making the correlation between my thoughts and feelings and the manifestations that are occurring, is without a shade of doubt the most powerfully enlightening and empowering knowledge I could have found. I see it in operation every day in others, and I see it in operation every day in myself.

Here’s a bit more insight from Abraham, Esther Hicks: “The only thing that makes the difference in the way you feel right now is the thought that you are thinking right now.” It’s interesting to hear others who may be having a hard time at something argue that it has nothing to do with thought and that it is just the way it is, that they didn’t bring this on themselves, but it was thrust upon them and they don’t understand why, and more. It’s interesting because I can see the correlation now. I know that it is strictly their thoughts. It is clear as a bell.

Of course, it is all thoughts. Many people claim to not be in control of this that truly no other person can ever have control of. It is the “me” in control of the “I”. When “me” is in control of “I”, it feels crappy. That concept covers a lot of territory including, being depressed, grieving, feeling powerless, jealousy, insecurity, guilt, fear, despair, revenge, anger, and more. Thinking that these feelings are happening to us rather than us creating them from our thoughts leads to more of the same. Sometimes, it is trained from what are called accepted norms, traditions, beliefs. In other words, I should feel this way, so I will, and when I do, others encourage me with sympathy, concern, and attention.

Yet, all of this is thought. Depression is simply depressed thinking or negative thinking about ourselves. Revenge is negative thinking about someone else. Grief is thinking thoughts of loss–our own loss. It is depressed thinking too, but it is all, in fact, 100% of it is a thought with other like thoughts added. It is the Law of Attraction at work. As we think a thought, the Law of Attraction helps with like-minded thoughts and it stays on that path until the “I” gets back in control of “me”.

Once I is back in control, or even in control for the first time, we understand the correlation between our thoughts and our feelings and the manifestations that are occurring, giving us conscious control of what happens in our experience. The “I” exercises choice to purposely choose better feeling thoughts, while the “me” blames the resultant feelings from the thoughts on others, on tradition, or other accepted norms.

I Celebrate The Knowledge That “Me” Is Not In Control Of “I” Unless I Am Not In Control Of Me! 

Spread Some Joy Today–by electing to choose joy. Only you can choose it.

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