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“It is really not a good idea 
to encourage your friends 
to complain about things to you. 
There is no value in assisting anyone 
to describe, in detail, 
their unhappy experiences.” 

— Abraham, Esther Hicks 

Or to share our own with others. . .

Have you ever shared complaints about something in your own life, such as, maybe how you are feeling, how upset you are about some situation or any number of things that are easy to complain about? Of course. Who hasn’t?

But, here’s a better question: Has that ever really helped you? Has it ever solved the situation? I think what would be more likely is that it would expand the problem. So, instead of letting go of it in the sharing of it with someone else, now they add to your troubles by sharing theirs, or their advice on yours, and more. It expands even though what you really wanted was to offload it. In other words, now is is bigger, more important, and even perhaps justified, and it is still in your possession.

I like how Simone Weil adds value here: “We must not wish for the disappearance of our troubles but for the grace to transform them.” 

How do we do that? We do it by letting go. Some say, let go and let God. That which is larger than all of the life we see here, whatever you want to call that can certainly and absolutely accept our unwanted problems. Just let go of it. Sharing it is holding on to it. Thinking about it is holding on to it.

Realize that every problem that we think we have is in our mind. It wouldn’t be a problem if we couldn’t think about it, perceive it, communicate it, feel it, experience it, and all of that comes from the mind.

We have the opportunity to transform it by how we will think about it.

We love quotes because they often have valuable wisdom or insight. I was thinking this morning: What is the value of someone else’s wisdom? To me, there is only one possible answer: To lead me to my own wisdom. To open the door to my own secrets, passion, desires, decisions. They don’t do it for me, I always do it myself. I might follow advice, but in every case, it leads me to my own power.

I was just sharing something about this the other day, and it kind of amazed me that it came out the way it did. I said something like this: “Awareness of the resistance that we are feeling is key. In recognizing it as being there, we can then let go of it, just as we would let go of a rope we were holding on to, and in letting go, we come back to our power.” 

Sure, I’ve read it, listened to it, studied it for a long time, but that led me to my own wisdom, my own power. You could say that it is no longer something learned, but that it is now a complete part of me.

Now during the day, I find myself aware that my mind is a tool, but that I am not my mind, and that any problem that I have, whether physical or non-physical, it is my mind that is creating and expanding the problem. I then, pay attention to how I feel. I can immediately feel tension. I realize that right now is the time to let go of that rope. I don’t share the problem with anyone, I just let them go one at a time as they come up, and I watch them sail into the sunset.

I Am The Sole Owner Of My Problems AND My Joy. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by realizing that joy is in your complete control, any time, any place, with infinite levels.

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