Daily Inspiration 12-23-12

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“You become what you criticize.

You become what you adore.

Whatever you focus on

grows in your experience.”

— Alan Cohen

Tonight I watched a movie that had me crying with joy at the end. There isn’t a better movie for me than that. I’ve given up the end of the world and the misfit saviors, never had much interest in horror, but I have always been and still am a sucker for romantic comedies, and good hearted drama.

The movie I watched tonight was made this year and called People Like Us, and it’s based on a true story; although, the fact something actually happened or not doesn’t mean more than if it is pure fiction. A good story is a good story. This is a great story of a boy turned man who had a part time father and no real relationship, finding out after the father dies that he has a sister he was completely unaware of. How that all plays out is interesting and the ending is pretty dang awesome.

Any movie that moves my emotion like that is a powerful thing. That includes YouTube videos I’ve seen as well. The world is so full of joyous entertainment, along with plenty of that other stuff that many enjoy. I celebrate the entertainers; those who have a passion for a story they want to tell and find a way to get it out there. I applaud their desire, passion and most of all–their follow through.

That reminds me of one of my favorite current day mentors, Seth Godin. In a recent email he asks, “What are you waiting for?” He goes on to say, “I’m genuinely, rhetorically curious. What, exactly, are you insisting will happen before you start shipping your art? Write it down. Write down what has to happen before you can make and ship your ruckus. Being clear about what you’re waiting for makes it far more likely that your art will happen and far less likely that you’re merely stalling.”

Great Advice. My Thanks Go Out To All The Shippers!

Spread Some Joy Today–Ship some of your art.

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