Daily Inspiration 12-23-10

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“If all of our misfortunes were laid in one
common heap whence everyone must take
an equal portion, most people would be
contented to take their own and depart.”
— Socrates
We think our problems are so big and heavy and hard to solve. . . until we trade ours with someone else who may very well have problems that make our own look like child’s play. That would give us some perspective, wouldn’t it?
I have found, and perhaps others have too, that many of my problems are really problems because I have not made a decision to do anything, but rather, I rehash the problem over and over thinking that something needs to get done and that I need to make a decision and I want it to be the right one and then I run different scenarios through my brain and round and round it goes. Of course, maybe it’s just me. . .
Here’s some key things that I’ve recently learned. Start with the first part of the sentence at the beginning of this: “we think our problems are so big and heavy and hard to solve. . .” The key word is think. That is also the problem leading the problem. How about if we thought our problems were teeny and light and a piece of cake to solve? Would that change anything? So, that is one thing I’ve learned: I must–I repeat–I must change my thinking about this, as it is my thinking that is expanding it.
The other thing I learned is that it is most likely procrastination that is helping to not only prolong the problem but increase it’s size and weight due to the lack of decision. Instead of thinking (or trying to) of how to solve the problem, which is a long, drawn-out affair, I know that I must make a decision quickly and even risk making the wrong decision in order to move ahead. Invariably, the problem immediately decreases in size and weight and begins to be solved very quickly.
Of course the last way is to trade them out with someone else. That hasn’t ever worked out. It must be that when they learn about mine, they like theirs way better than they did before. Go figure.
We Just Think Up Our Problems . . . And, We Can Just As Easily Unthink Them, Or At Least, Think Lesser Of Them.
Spread Some Joy Today–Is it time to make a few decisions? That will immediately bring some joy from my own experience. Take charge today!
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