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“I’m as mad as hell, 
and I’m not going to take this anymore!"  
— From the movie, Network
written by Paddy Chayefsky 

[Classic post from 7-30-16]

What is the value of anger? Does anger have value? Is anger good? Excellent questions, all.

The clip from the movie, Network, is a great example of some of the value of anger. It entices movement, sprouts decision, it releases the anchor of powerlessness and depression, unworthiness, despair, and more. It is an improved feeling. Yes, it has value–plenty of value. The main value is a movement from a feeling of despair and resignation to a feeling of power and ability. A decision to do something by being mad as hell is a powerful change from powerlessness.

Although in this case, anger is a positive movement from what was, it is still considered a negative emotion, and staying in anger would not be much different than staying depressed. The ultimate value of anger is the movement from a worse feeling place to a better feeling place. From the improved view from the plateau of anger, we can move into more improved feelings such as blame, and disappointment. From there, we can improve toward overwhelment, frustration, and pessimism. From this clarity, we can reach hopefulness, and once we reach hopefulness, the entire array of positive emotions are within our grasp.

The value of movement cannot be overrated. Anger has value, but being an angry person has little value. Pessimism has value, but being a pessimistic person has little value. Being frustrated and irritated has value, but being a frustrated and irritating person has little value. It isn’t the place as much as it is the movement to an improved feeling.

Once we cross the border of hopefulness, optimism is just over there. We can reach out and touch it, feel it, experience it, and see the more pleasing view from that vista that is optimism. Optimism has value, and being an optimistic person begins to attract a different set of circumstances and people into our lives.

From optimism, we don’t need binoculars to see enthusiasm. It’s right there within reach. Enthusiasm has value, and being an enthusiastic person shares value with others. Next door to enthusiasm is happiness. What a great place to get to. Happiness has all kinds of value, and being a happy person spreads a wealth of value wherever one may roam.

We are now on the cusp of love, appreciation, joy, and peace. What are the values of these? I don’t have enough room to count the ways. Being a loving person, appreciative person, joyful person, and a peaceful person will spread value to all the world right from where we are. Just being here is enough. And the really good news is that there is layer upon layers of levels of improved feelings within love, appreciation, joy, and peace.

Wherever we are on the emotional scale from the very bottom to the very top, it is not the place that has value, it is the movement to an improved feeling. We all get to choose what we will experience, and how we will flow energy. We are creators. We have the power and the expertise to create despair, powerlessness, or love, appreciation, and joy. As we get to a place where we desire a change, that movement is power. What we do from there is the creativity of our flowing of energy.

Where Are You Now, And Where Would You Rather Be? 

Spread Some Joy Today–by moving into joy.

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