Daily Inspiration 12-22-12

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“At least three times every day

take a moment and ask yourself

what is really important.

Have the wisdom and the courage

to build your life around your answer.”

— Lee Jampolsky

I ran across this quote earlier this month and it has stuck in my head. It is such a great idea and though I have a tendency to give this kind of idea more lip service than participation, I’ve been thinking about it almost every day.

Today, I just acted on it. It was interesting and fun. What was really important isn’t what I might normally do, yet it begs to be listed as important. But, today, I just went with the flow. When something came up that I would normally reject in order to do what I normally do, the quote came back to me and I found myself changing my mind. No. This is what is important right this minute. Nothing else. I’ll do that. And I did it. Felt great too!

If you want to, write this quote above down and look at it for a while here and there. You may find yourself considering it’s valuable question more often. And, who knows? Then, one day, you might act on it. Or, maybe you already do.

Choose A Great Day, Just Because You Can! In Fact, You’re The ONLY ONE Who Can.

Spread Some Joy Today–Today is a wonderful day for a few impromptu random acts of kindness, don’t you think?

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