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“Hello. Yes, this is Mr. Kadam. 
I’m the chairman of Kadam Enterprises.” 
 — Papa Kadam 
from the movie The Hundred-Foot Journey 

[Classic post from 12-5-14]

I just watched The Hundred-Foot Journey movie which was just released a couple days ago for video. I really enjoyed it and the characters.

With Papa Kadam’s quote, I thought how interesting that statement was, and how profound at the same time. He was absolutely right. He was the Chairman of Kadam Enterprises. I am the Chairman of Minion Enterprises, you are the Chairman of (Your Last Name) Enterprises. It could be a large family as in this movie, but each is the Chairman of their enterprises. Each is in charge of all the direction and action and activity. Each is in charge of the choices and decisions. Each is in charge of how they want things to be.

There are times when even the Chairman must make compromises, go slowly over speed bumps, drive cautiously through school zones and such. It is a co-creative endeavor, this life, yet fully we each are in charge of far more than we give ourselves credit for.

So Go For It. You’re In Charge! You Are The Chairman Or Chairwoman. 

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