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“Personal growth is not a matter 
of learning new information, 
but unlearning old limits.” 

— Alan Cohen 
Custom table replaces jackknife couch
Removed jackknife couch to add workstation platform

Two-thirds of my new space
Two-thirds of my entire home space of about 150 Sq. Ft.
I can still eat well
I can still enjoy favorite Vegan food!
My new workstation
Workstation & favorite chair fully functional. Who knew?
Yes! I kept my favorite reminders from my previous office.
You have no idea how much they have helped and continue
to help me stay aligned with a joyful life.

[New post]

It’s been a while since a new post, although I have specifically chosen the reposts that have helped me to keep focused on perhaps the largest and most substantial transition of my life. I’ve sold my home for 32 years, went from 1848 sq. ft. to about 150 sq ft. I bought a 2015 StarCraft AR-One MAXX 21′ travel trailer as my new home to pull behind my 2002 Ford F-150 5.4 liter V-8 Super Cab pickup. I’ve added a CargoGlide bedslide in the back of the truck to carry some of my belongings, and work-related things and the rest goes in the trailer.

All in all, I let go of approximately 95% of my stuff. I thought about selling it via garage sales, Facebook marketplace, etc., and then decided I didn’t want to sell it. I wanted to let go of it by giving it all away. You wouldn’t think that was a challenge, but surprisingly, it was. Yet, it is all gone thanks to one generous soul who took several trailer loads for a good cause.

It’s amazing to think about the power of a thought. I have disrupted my life and those of others in this decision to make this change. I’ve affected many lives in many different ways. We are not independent of our environment. They say that the movement of butterfly wings in South America affect the entire planet. As hard as that is to imagine that we feel the movement of air from that butterfly, it helps me relate to how flapping my wings so to speak has caused much to occur.

Things I gave away, things I bought, each and every decision, the people who bought the place, the lenders and real estate agents, title company, and hundreds more have felt the breeze from the wings of my decisions and all of that came from one single thought. It’s mind-boggling and fascinating at the same time.

Some of the images above show my custom workspace. I wanted my workspace to be as similar as I could make it to what I had. Though I had 350 sq. ft. of office space and now I have about one-tenth of that, it feels similar enough and is extremely comfortable. My Veri-Desk allows me to do Internet grunt-work and stand and sit as my body would desire.

I’ve got my favorite “signs” on the wall a few feet away. I was telling a friend who took so much of my stuff that I could give many hours of lecture on that one phrase: WHAT is MY job, HOW is GOD’S job. I can relate that phrase to almost everything in one way or another. It is that powerful and simple at the same time.

Moving around in this small space takes some getting used to. It is true enough that one can adapt to almost any environment. After living 68 years in larger quarters, even when I lived in an apartment, this is indeed tiny and freedom of movement is a work in progress, but I am adapting after only four nights in my new home.

Now my new life will be mobile. I am a full-time RV’er. I don’t even know where I am going next, but that will come when I give it more thought and make a decision. In the meantime, I parked in a nearby RV park in Vacaville for a shakedown-get-to-know-my-space-sift-the-remaining-stuff-because-there-is-still-too-much-stuff time. I’ll be here through the 27th and then who knows where.

That’s the short update. I have learned enough from this experience to write a book at least. This year has seen amazing changes. I became a Vegan on July 9th, and what a positive change this has been. I’ve lost 48 lbs. and eaten more than I used to. I sold my home of 32 years and disrupted a lot of lives by my thought that caused that choice. I’m thinking that all of those disruptions were for the best of all concerned. My intentions are always that.

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