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“When you are grateful, 
fear disappears 
and abundance appears.” 
— Anthony Robbins 

It’s interesting to find this quote when just the other day I mentioned that when I let go of fear, even in steps or pieces, what fills that space is gratitude, and what also comes with that gratitude is a sense of the abundance that we already have.

Many years ago, my wife had a computer program that was a teaching program to share how people around the world lived. It was particularly focused on their material possessions. I remember going through it and seeing a family in rural Africa standing outside their mud hut of a home with all their possessions around them, along with a list of what those things were. All of their possessions would fit in one of my closets. Each country and number and selection of possessions changed, but in all of them, the number of possessions and the cost of those possessions was so small compared to the average person in the United States.

I look around my office, or around my home and there is an abundance of things. I gained pleasure or satisfaction of some kind of gathering them over the years, but now they hold so little value except the very small number of things I use all the time.

Yet, many of us in this country, and I have to include myself in that, think we have so little. Some people are challenged living in a 4,000 square foot home. I live in a 1,250 square foot home and if you add my office which was once a garage, it is 1,850. To me, that is plenty and has been for almost 30 years, but you can’t even find new homes that small anymore.

This isn’t about that it is not good to want more. Desire is the stuff of life. What it is about is realizing the abundance we already have. In other words, to be grateful for what we already have, for the abundance that we already have. There is plenty more abundance all around us, and because it is abundance, it has no end, so going for more of it is awesome. And, at the same time, I think it is good to put things into perspective from time to time, find that gratitude, release that fear and see the abundance there now.

I am so very grateful for all of this around me. I value my ability and desire to find more abundance.

And, one more thing on this. It is equally valuable, and something I’ve only recently learned, to find gratitude and joy in other people’s abundance. Now when I see someone with much or a very expensive car, or a large home with a finely manicured property, or healthy children, I mentally express my joy for them and the abundance that they have found. As I do this, I see more of the abundance that I already have and had had all my life.

Celebrate Your Abundance. Celebrate Everyone Else’s Too. 

Spread Some Joy Today–Let joy be a part of your abundance.

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