Daily Inspiration 12-20-12

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“Criticism is honorable only
when it comes from one who
has mastered the craft he or she is criticizing.”
— Alan Cohen

What’s also interesting about this quote, is that I’ll bet that if it were someone who truly mastered the craft, they would fail to criticize at all, and encourage instead. And, to everyone else, I recommend acknowledging their right to an opinion, and thanks for their consideration, while you move along your way, leaving it all behind you.

When it comes right down to it, you are living your life, and though others may share in part of it, they cannot be allowed to make your decisions for you. We all have to decide on our own. It also doesn’t matter that it may be a friend, a spouse, a relative, a co-worker, or a stranger, none can impede you if you do not allow them to dissuade you.

You are in control at all time about what you think. Therefore, none can decide better than you. Follow your passion and your own belief and share the REAL you with the rest of the world.

“You Don’t Need To Wait To Take Off. You’re Already Heirborn.” — Alan Cohen

Spread Some Joy Today–Risk more. It’s life and it’s full of change. Blending is not so much joy. Let your uniqueness lead and joy is inevitable.

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