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“Perception is a mirror, not a fact.” 
— A Course in Miracles 

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[Classic post from 7-13-15]

I was looking at the kitchen overtaken by a lazy bachelor. It was my kitchen. So, I said to myself, “I’ve got to do the dishes!” Then it immediately struck me that I was saying that poorly. It came to me that I should be saying, “I get to do the dishes!”

It is amazing the difference a few letters make in the perception of the thing. One way it is a task I would much rather procrastinate on, and the other, an opportunity for a nice look, organization, and order. Even though that is so unlike me, I loved the new way of looking at it, and in short order, the kitchen was in much better shape.

I think that I’m going to be playing with all kinds of things where I’ve used the phrase, “I’ve got to _________,” and changing them to “I get to ________.” It feels so different, and isn’t that half the battle–how we feel about doing something?

Have you ever said, “I’ve got to _______”?

Try changing it to, “I get to _________”!

Watch what happens!

Perception Is Such A Powerful Tool. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by your awareness of the joy around you.

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