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“We are not the sum
of our

— George H. W. Bush

Once in a while I have to look at the sum of my possessions and see how relative they really are in my life. I saw a film tonight that brought that to my attention again. It was where someone had a fine collection of things and chose to just walk away from them with almost nothing. As I watched it, I was wondering if I could do that. . .

Let’s play a game. There is a very large wave coming in two hours. All the homes within a few miles of yours will be lost along with all that each contains. Evacuation is guaranteed prior to the arrival of the wave, and you have exactly one hour to pack what you want to take that will fit in the trunk of a taxi cab. What would you take?

I know I have hundreds of possessions that at some point meant something to me, but now they are just there. I’ve grown accustomed to them being here, but they hold so little value in my life now. What do they mean? Nice to have? I don’t know. I think maybe, it is just the thought of someday needing it. The reality of that is probably never.

We have so much now, and even have much larger homes than in the last 50 years and yet off site storage is a multi-billion dollar industry with many huge storage facilities in even a moderate sized town. I also rent one and have for a lot of years.

What will I take? Hmmmmm. . .

Taking Stock Once In A While Can Be

Spread Some Joy Today–Which relationships would you take with you? Maybe
it’s time to call them, write them, or send them a little possession. . .
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