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“The harder you work,
the harder it is to surrender.”

— Vince Lombardi

I was thinking and living how habits large and small, helpful and less helpful are like comets revolving through our solar system with predictable return, though we have the ultimate power to alter their orbit and their fate.

This came about as I was thinking about how I work from morning to night almost everyday–or, at least that’s the story some tell who know me, yet it’s accuracy is subject to question. Yes, I do work a lot, and not because I have to (thank God!), but because it is my purpose, and I enjoy what I do and I am intently interested in it. So, from the outside looking in, people might have the impression I am at work all the time.

What they don’t see is the multitude of diversions and purposeful breaks I take throughout the day or evening. Often, I just get up and move around thinking of some things, pacing around the room. Other times, I sit in my favorite green leather recliner that rocks and without reclining, rock back and forth contemplating the origins of the Universe. Less often than I would like, I recline slightly in that glorious chair and sail away into dreamland for an unspecified period. This last activity is clearly among my favorites.

Lately, I often drive my wife somewhere near she wants to go, take the dog, and return sometimes hours later. Her situation prevents her from driving any more, but now she wants to go where ever I go, whether the bank, the store, pay a bill or two, or what. I find this a relatively new experience and enjoyable too.

Yet, I also find it hard sometimes to surrender to the diversion and let go of the work. That’s the habit part, I’m certain. But, I do recognize it and generally find sufficient diversions to harass it periodically.

So, as we delve into the actual time spent on actual and real work, it must be known that I certainly do not work all the time, but I don’t mind so much that some think otherwise.

Of Course There Is A Definite Difference Between Time Spent At Work And Work Actually Being Achieved. . .

Spread Some Joy Today–Enjoy yourself whatever you are doing and wherever you are doing it.

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