Daily Inspiration 12-19-11

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“Most people who ask for advice from others
have already resolved to act as it pleases them.”
— Khalil Gibran


Surely we don’t really want advice. What we want is agreement. What we want is support. What we want is encouragement, but just the right kind.
I found another interesting quote along these lines from Pierre Corneille: “When the patient loves his disease, how unwilling he is to allow a remedy to be applied.” So many times, like many patients who seek advice from doctors, second, third, fourth opinions, are holding their position where they are looking for answers that please them or reinforce their position. I’ve seen this resistance first hand and it is fascinating how one will hold on to the disease or the problems arguing vehemently against ideas that might move them away from where they are. It’s as if it is a comfortable place to be in disease.
Often we want to help and yet we cannot because we are not allowed to. That could be frustrating if we focus on our not being able to complete our desired objective. Many times, we must let it go and let them deal with it–even so much as to walk away from it in order to maintain our own well being. It is strange and yet true.
It is only ourselves we can change and not another. If we focus on our own well being and yet be open to the possibility of encouraging another who is open to it, we do ourselves and everyone else the best service.
This Brings New Meaning To The Phrase, Live And Let Live.
Spread Some Joy Today–The truest love is allowing others to be what they choose for themselves. Be an allower.
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