Daily Inspiration 12-19-10

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“Capital isn’t that important in business.
Experience isn’t that important.
You can get both of these things.
What is important is ideas. . .
If you have ideas, you have the main
asset you need, and there isn’t any limit
to what you can do with your business
and your life. Ideas are any man’s greatest asset. . .
Thought, not money, is the real business capital.”
— Harvey Firestone
Just when you thought that ever conceivable use of advertising has been used, a new idea pops up.
Tonight at Sacramento International Airport, while waiting for our guests luggage to come down the conveyer, I saw a brilliant use of advertising: They placed very durable ads on the track that carries the luggage around. They were very visual and nicely done, and you just couldn’t possibly miss them. You might try to ignore them, but they are pretty much impossible to ignore, yet because they use a space that used to just be black plastic before, it kind of dresses it up. They call this advertising “baggage carousel wraps.” (You can see some of this at www.clearchannelairports.com.)
At Sacramento, they had a lot of ads on one carousel and on a different carousel there was only one ad, so it is new and growing. I think this is a brilliant idea and is the kind of thing Harvey Firestone is talking about. It’s finding new ways, new ideas, new twists to an old thing. It is this kind of creative thinking that drives business profits and expansion.
Great Ideas Are Like Solid Gold.
Spread Some Joy Today–Regular brainstorming can be like mining a rich mine. You will find ideas a great source of joy.
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