Daily Inspiration 12-18-16

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“We took such care of tomorrow, 
but died on the way there.” 

— Warsan Shire 

Assuming that change is desired, when is the best time to begin change? Well, it is usually tomorrow. One of those tomorrows. We like even dates sometimes, or the first of the month, or the fifteenth, or on Monday, or Saturday, the beginning of the 2-days of freedom weekend. We love tomorrow. It’s easy-peasy, always looks good to us, we can fantasize about all that success of going for that change, and how fast the change will come together. We’ll be new again. Refreshed. Alive. Re-born.

They also say that tomorrow never comes, and they would be correct. Tomorrow is always tomorrow. It will never be now. It can only be tomorrow. And, as Clint Eastwood says, “tomorrow is promised to no one.” Yet, we are still fascinated with the mystical promise of tomorrow.

We’re getting so close to the biggest tomorrow of all: New Year’s Day.

I was reading some magnificent bits from Abraham, Esther Hicks this morning. See if any of it resonates with you:

“Appreciation and self-love are the most important tools that you could ever nurture. Appreciation of others, and the appreciation of yourself is the closest vibrational match to your Source Energy of anything that we’ve ever witnessed anywhere in the Universe.” If all you did was just look for things to appreciate you would live a joyous, spectacular life.

“If there was nothing else that you ever came to understand other than just look for things to appreciate, it’s the only tool you would ever need to predominantly hook you up with who you really are. That’s all you’d need.” 

You know how doctors often specialize, where they might be a cardiologist, or a podiotrist? So, among your other titles, or rather your main title above all the other titles you might have could be an appreciationist, or an appreciator. Feel free to put a BA after your name for a BA in appreciation, or an MA for a Masters degree in appreciation, or even a PhD to become a Doctor of the Heart, just like Dolly Parton in one of my favorite movies, Straight Talk. 

Do you think that by becoming an appreciationist that your life would change for the better? Here’s a better question: Do you think that it could not?

And, here’s the really good news! There is not one reason that this cannot begin this second. Make right now the beginning of this change. Right now! Just look at something and find something about that which you are looking at to appreciate. Anything. Look at something else. Do it again. Doctors practice medicine (which means they aren’t really the experts that we thought they were), and so you can begin to practice too. Be a practicing appreciationist. Let loose your appreciation on all that is around you, and don’t leave out what is in the mirror in the bathroom.

The Only Time Is Now. Begin! 

Spread Some Joy Today–and you will find that it cannot be helped when you are appreciating.

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