Daily Inspiration 12-18-12

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“You may not be a Picasso or Mozart

but you don’t have to be.

Just create to create.

Create to remind yourself

you’re still alive.

Make stuff to inspire others

to make something too.

Create to learn a bit

about yourself.”

— Frederick Terral

I think there is so much that never gets done because we think we’re not good enough, or that we’re not skilled enough, smart enough, not ______enough.

I watched a business video on YouTube tonight and the entrepreneur was asked what he would say to those who are thinking about starting a business–what words of wisdom did he have to share with the world? He said, “Don’t think. Just do it. If you think about all of the things that could go wrong or that you need, etc., you will never begin. Just start and it will all work out.”

Sounds Like Great Advice . . .

Spread Some Joy Today–When was the last time you treated yourself and had joy with yourself alone?

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