Daily Inspiration 12-18-11

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“Man is a tool-using animal.
Without tools he is nothing,
with tools, he is all.”

— Thomas Carlyle

All my life I’ve had tools. Early in life I was an auto mechanic, so I used tools, yet I’ve never owned the tool sets that a lot of mechanics have, all branded the same, many polished metal or chrome plated tucked into gargantuan tool chests on wheels gleaming in the sunlight ready to do battle.

As I was thinking about all the tools I’ve owned over the years and the ones I own today, it came to me that about 95% of them never see the light of day. Yet there are a very few tools that are what I would call indispensable. I thought I would share my two favorite and most used tools:

This is my most used tool drawer except for the hammer drawer, and these two tools are my most used and well-worn trusted workhorses: A 40 year old pair of side cutters with orange plastic sleeves, and my most respected tool of all: RoboGrip! It is flat amazing what I’ve used my single pair of RoboGrip pliers for. Some of the other pliers in the drawer haven’t seen use in many years.

It just goes to show that we don’t need nearly as much as we think we do.

Some Things Don’t Need To Change That Much To Be Way Better Than They Were. . .

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