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“Act as if what you do makes a difference. . . it does.”
— William James

It’s easy for us to think what we do is just a job and that it isn’t important. If you have ever felt that way, go out and rent the Australian movie, Kenny, starring Shane Jacobson. Kenny is a guy who delivers and cleans portable toilets for a living and he is quite good at it and really takes pride in his work. It is funny and heartwarming and educational. Great movie.

Whatever you do, it probably isn’t nearly so challenging as what Kenny does. He really makes you feel that he gives 100% every day, regular or overtime, rain or shine, through challenging days and easier days. What a different world it would be if everyone gave the service with the great attitude that Kenny has.

What Kenny does for a living makes a difference. If you’re at an event needing a toilet and wanting it to be clean and ready, it makes a huge difference. What you do makes a difference and how well you do it makes a huge difference.

Maybe you sell cars for a living. That is a worthy task and in my experience, that job has a lot of levels of expertise and knowledge. Let’s say you went out to buy a car and you weren’t exactly sure what vehicle you wanted and you go to the car lot. How would you like to be treated? What kind of sales person would you love to get? How good of a car sales person you are will matter a great deal to the potential customer and if won over and taken good care of, that could lead to a very long and profitable relationship.

Maybe you work in an office doing something with papers and computers. All we have to do is picture all that being done extremely poorly and we can imagine that having talent at doing these things matters. Frankly, I dislike filing and consequently, my desk is a disaster. I need someone who excels in this area!

Whatever you do, there is obviously a need for it or you wouldn’t be doing it. That means that you make a difference! And, if you happen to have a great attitude and do what you do well, you make a heck of a difference.

Thank you for what you do and how well you do it!

I Make A Difference!

Spread Some Joy Today–Give yourself a little private reward today for making such a difference in what you do. You’re special, and it’s time to appreciate that more. Have a private party! Thank you!

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