Daily Inspiration 12-17-16

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“As we move without, 
or advance deep within, 
what we see now as an issue 
becomes infinitely thin.” 

— Albert K. Strong 

Many years ago, I acquired a set of scientific books in a series. One book was called, The Powers of Ten. I have never forgotten it and it has really helped to give me another opportunity at choosing a perspective. There is also a great YouTube video of it here.

It begins with the view of life that we live within, and then in increments of the power of ten moves away, eventually into the deepest space 100 million light years away. Then it comes back to our current life reality space, pausing only for a moment, then moving within, under our skin, into the deepest spaces of atoms and energy within.

This helped me because what we think is a problem, is only a problem from a certain perspective, and as we move away or within, we no longer can see or feel problems. They just don’t exist. Even if all of the powers of destruction that we have made on earth were amassed in one place and exploded, that would be so insignificant to the powers that the universe controls.

We hear of and see on the television wars going on in various places on earth, with much terrible bloodshed, and trauma, and yet as we withdraw only the small distance to the International Space Station, we see no war or destruction. Indeed, as we look at the Earth from space, it is so colorful and beautiful, and alive.

When a problem or an issue has our attention. It can be a real treat to let go of it, if even for a few minutes, to see that problem, or problems, or issues from a different perspective. When we come back to them, as we will inevitably do, they may be so much easier to deal with than before. Mentally move out into space for a few moments and see the Earth as beautiful. See the harmony of the Universe in action. Take a little break from ‘what is’ to see ‘what is’ from a different perspective.

Pause. Try A Different Perspective. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by seeing things with refreshed eyes, or better yet, see them with your heart rather than your eyes.

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