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“I don’t get upset over things I can control,
because if I can control them
there’s no sense in getting upset.
And I don’t get upset over things I can’t control,
because if I can’t control them
there’s no sense in getting upset.
— Mickey Rivers   

It is so very interesting to me now that I just don’t get upset much about anything anymore. It is a wonderful place to get to and I am enjoying realizing it and watching how I deal with surprises, problems and such.
I just bought a new main desktop computer less than a year ago. It has been giving me a lot of issues that I have dealt with by going around them. Windows Explorer has been crashing and I’ve had to use Firefox and Google Chrome as alternatives to get my work done. I called my computer guru and he was working on it, but a couple weeks went by and I called back. We made an appointment to bring it in for a couple hours on Saturday for a tune-up and try to figure out the problems.
He fired up the computer while I waited a bit and the main hard drive began making noise and it would not run. He pulled it out and tested it and it was toast. Do you have any idea how many files I have on there? This is huge. But, I took that news as if it was no big deal. What good will being upset do? It certainly won’t unstick the hard drive. So, I left it in his skilled and capable hands and went on my way.
So this weekend I had a load of work to do and I wasn’t able to do but only a small fraction of it on my backup laptop. So, I just did what I could and went with the flow.
This lack of reaction is beginning to be a habit with me–or, maybe it already is. I absolutely love it. It is as if I’ve achieved some sort of spiritual passage. Or, maybe it is Bob Proctor’s sign on my wall for the last two years or so: “React? Respond! React? Respond! I am responsible for my life, for my feelings, and for every result I get.” 


Of Course, It Doesn’t Hurt . . .


Spread Some Joy Today–by not allowing circumstances and changes create a reaction in you. Instead, choose peace and joy.
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