Daily Inspiration 12-16-13

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“Never regret. 
If it’s good, it’s wonderful. 
If it’s bad, it’s experience.” 

 — Victoria Holt 

Generally speaking, I think the quote above is a healthier way of viewing things. What might be even better is, “if it’s good it’s experience and if it’s bad it’s experience.” The reality is that it is just experience. How we label it is how we respond to it and how we respond to it guides us well in how to handle it. To label it good or bad is only in relation to how we feel about the experience. Of course, it’s okay to label it and it is equally okay to not label it. You get to choose.

However You Label It, I Hope It Feels Good To You. 

Spread Some Joy Today–There is no more important, and no more effective goal in life than to enjoy yourself. If it isn’t working out that way, stop immediately and change your mind.

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