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“Abundance is not something we acquire.
It is something we tune into.”

— Dr. Wayne W Dyer

There is abundance all around us and most of us focus on the lack instead. We are so easy to see what is missing, rather than what is there. It is only after we ‘tune into’ abundance being there that we begin to see it and have it enter our lives in a way that has never been before.

Let’s make a list.

There is an abundance of air to breathe. There is not only an abundance for you, there is enough for over 4 billion and counting. If we get it dirty, we can clean it, but it is there and we are breathing it and there is an abundance–virtually an unending supply of it and it is constantly being made.

There is an abundance of opportunity. There is opportunity all around us and until we open ourselves to that possibility, we believe in the lack of opportunity. Change your thoughts about that and opportunity is virtually everywhere in unlimited supply.

There is an abundance of water, sand and soil. That is, after all, the surface of this entire planet. We could never get around to using it all.

There is an abundance of love. You have an infinite supply available to you. It will never run out. You can choose to withhold it, but the source is unlimited. The same would be true of hate. It is a choice.

There is an abundance of ideas. Just when you think that everything that can be invented has already been, there are millions of them waiting outside for you to open the door and let them in.

Kind thoughts. Uplifting thoughts. Encouraging thoughts and words. There is an abundance of these available for immediate use. You don’t need to stand in line and wait your turn, just push the button and there they are.

Truth is, there is abundance everywhere and all we need do is think that is true and it is. As the eyes are opened, they can see and there is an abundance to see.

So cool.

I Am Abundance!

Spread Some Joy Today–Since you have so much, why not give some away today. It will be replaced in an instant. How cool is that?

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