Daily Inspiration 12-15-11

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“Stop stewing and start doing!
Take action TNT.
Today, Not Tomorrow.”
— Denis Waitley
I was looking for a quote on something else and this one jumped off the page at me. How many times I have said, ‘I’ll start tomorrow,’ or ‘I’ll start fresh on the first of the month,’ or ‘On January 1st, I’ll begin anew,’ and so many more BS statements. I say BS because, they never seem to happen when I do that. There always seems to be something that gets in the way–especially the fact that I don’t feel the way I felt when I decided to delay in action by making a decision that has no power.
All of our power is in the NOW! It is what we think now, what we do now that will affect the future, not the other way around.
It seems to me that the only time anything of importance was changed was when I made the decision to change it NOW, this minute, this day, and go from there. Once in motion, there can be a bit of momentum to help things along. Heck, I quite smoking thousands of times, but it didn’t get done until I just got started now. That was almost ten years ago now, and I’m so glad I made that now decision back then.
Whatever you want to get done for real, make your decision and get moving right now, whatever it is and I’m sure that alone will make all the difference.
There’s No Time Like The Present!
Spread Some Joy Today–Enjoy yourself whatever you are doing for your personal pleasure only. Others can’t help but notice.
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