Daily Inspiration 12-14-13

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“Don’t get greedy.

There’s only so much to go around.”

— My parents when I was a little kid

Today, there is more money and more opportunities than there have ever been in the history of the world. I know this is true. Because it is, that alone is support enough to consider the expansion of the “pie” that I was told we were limited to only a slice of. It appears that the pie keeps on growing and is not static. That idea is not the same idea of abundance, but it is certainly more encouraging than the world media would have us believe.

Alan Cohen said, “Your prosperity and happiness does not take away from the prosperity and happiness of others; it adds to it.” He goes on to say, “Ultimately you must face and answer this question: Do we live in a universe of fixed resources in which one person’s good takes away the good of another? Or is the universe capable of supplying prosperity for everyone who chooses it?”

That’s a great question, don’t you think? Look around. There is more now than in 2000 and more then than in 1900 and so on. There are more people, more businesses, more money, more happiness, more of everything we want if we can only believe it is true. Or we can believe there is only so much to go around and we have to try to get our fair share. The latter is an obvious belief in lack.

There Is More Than Enough. Leave Your Worries At The Doorstep And Come On In.

Spread Some Joy Today–Believe in the abundance all around you. Rest in that peace.

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