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“We often confuse our value 
with our circumstance.” 
— Dr. Steve Maraboli 

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[Classic post from 7-24-15]

People may say things to others, but more likely to themselves, such as, “I’m too fat!” Or if not that blatant, “I’m overweight,” or things like, “I’m poor or I’m broke, or I can’t afford that,” or “my job sucks,” “I hate this or that.” But, none of those things are us. We are not our circumstances or our condition. When we think we are our circumstance, we are often powerless to change because we feel like a victim, that this thing has landed on me and I don’t know what to do.

I think the first step is to realize and celebrate once we realize, that we are not our circumstances. We are independent of it. It may have a current effect on things in our lives, but it is not us. We are the powerful ones, not our circumstances.

In fact, circumstances can be downright inspirational once we realize that we are independent of them. It can help us to get moving and make changes so that our circumstances will be as we want them to be. Broke is a temporary condition, and feeling or being poor is a mindset. Overweight is a temporary condition, fat is a mindset. We always get to choose and we always have power over all of our circumstances. Even if we can’t immediately change the actual circumstance, we absolutely can change how we see it and what we think about it.

That’s All The Power We Need. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by realizing your own inner power to change.

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