Daily Inspiration 12-13-13

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“Trust the instinct to the end,

though you can render no reason.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

It is interesting to watch others who have an instinct about something, then find all sorts of reasons against following it. It is as if reason has some sort of magic authority to righteousness. Yet, from my own experience and that of watching others shows me that instinct is still superior in many ways.

I’ve been the places that I see others in where they make a decision and then through reasoning and fear, make a different decision. It’s out of the norm, or it’s not the way we are used to doing it, or so many rules that we have developed over time that preclude us from venturing beyond our own tightly controlled comfort zone.

Think back on any decisions that you have made in the last several years. Important decisions usually stand out. When you followed your instinct–and I hope you have–were those the best decisions or were they bad decisions? I think you will find they were the best. Then look at decisions where you used reason and allowed fear to corrupt your thinking. They were terrible ones, I might imagine.

The end result leads us back to Ralph Waldo Emerson and his advice to trust the instinct to the end regardless of any reasoning present. There is a place when we just know it deep inside and it really doesn’t matter what other influences are giving advice. Our own inner advice is all we really need and it is worthy of our trust.


Spread Some Joy Today–Relax. Enjoy your day. There just isn’t anything more important in all of the world. Seriously.

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