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“Business has only two functions

marketing and innovation.” 
— Peter Drucker 

Far be it for me to argue a point with the world famous Peter Drucker, but I would add one more word to this quote to make it more true and real: service, or being of service. You might say that is a given, but it’s not.

When I was a teenager, I worked in a few gas stations. They called them service stations back in 1966-7 when I pumped gas (it was between 28.9 and 38.9 a gallon). I would get the gas order, wash the windshield, check the oil, battery for water, and often the windshield wiper blades. I sold cases and cases of oil, and provided service by taking care of the customer needs including adding air to the tires. Now, I doubt if any of the gas stations sell oil, wiper blade inserts, and such, although many now sell quick food items, and other sundries.

Maybe that’s innovation, and maybe even a different kind of service, and obviously, it must be one that is more appreciated since there are no service station attendants now, but there are clerks at the cash register.

Larger size super markets ate the mom & pop local stores for lunch, but 7-11 recreated the mom & pop in local neighborhoods and the change was a massive success. This was innovation, and increased service too. This is also a perfect example of not slicing up the pie and competing for what’s left, but making a bigger pie.

Change Is Inevitable And An Interesting Story To Watch Unfold And Also See In The Rearview Mirror. 

Spread Some Joy Today–Time will probably change a negative view of change. It probably has in your life many times. Take a look and see how perfectly those changes have become. It sort of makes for some joy today, doesn’t it?

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