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“When once a decision is reached and execution is
the order of the day, dismiss absolutely all
responsibility and care about the outcome.”
— William James
I study people, including myself all the time. I’m an observer and watch people especially in business. There is one thing that I have found to be something that truly sets leaders apart in life and business. It is the ability to make decisions quickly and then let go and move on.
I know many who fret about making decisions and want to create committee’s to study the subject. They are so afraid of making a bad decision that they end up rarely making one at all. In a leader, this creates a bottleneck of work, so that the work must slow to the pace of the decision maker–or, go around him or her. Often this is the case.
I believe that the highest paid people in business are those who can make calculated decisions very quickly and then delegate the implementation of them immediately. If the decision maker doesn’t clear the decks and keep them clear, they can’t do what they are so highly paid to do: make decisions.
I know many who make decisions and then hold on to them. This will not serve well. This is micro-managing in extreme. No one knows what is going on from one day to the next. This is fear in action.
I also know those who make rash decisions. They are able to make decisions, but forget to take into account the bigger picture of how those decisions will affect others, the operation, etc., and how it will affect future decisions. The trouble here is called chaos.
Whenever worry or fear are involved in the decision or after the decision, it will turn out poorly. We need to make decisions from a point of inspiration rather than necessity. This will make letting go of them much more fruitful.
Personally, I don’t make decisions as fast as I would like and am working on that aspect of my habits, but once I make one, it is easy enough for me to let go of it. The delegating part is a bit sticky too, and I will continue to make that more effective.
How are you at making decisions?
“All My Life, Whenever It Comes Time To Make A Decision, I Make It and Forget About It.” — Harry S Truman
Spread Some Joy Today–“Peacefulness follows any decision, even the wrong one.” — Rita Mae Brown
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