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“Stress is nothing more than a socially
acceptable form of mental illness.”
— Richard Carlson
When I ran across this quote, I had to laugh and agree that this makes sense. I know people who claim stress as if it is something that attacks them. There really is no such thing as stress, but there is a reaction to something said, something that occurred, or something thought that we call stress. It is purely a reaction, or a choice of thought that we choose to think; albeit, it can be a rather typical thought that we have learned to think over and over again. In other words, a habit pattern. Still, it is a response, not an stimulus, or an occurrence.
It has become so socially acceptable to have stress. There are industries built around stress offering stress relief, solving stress problems, stress clinics and the like. You have stress? Then you need ________. Some relief may include drugs or alcohol. There are thousands of ways of relieving our stress now and this makes it even more socially accepted, and indeed, even expected.
How about if we just choose to not react from habit, but choose our response and the thoughts we choose to think? This is perfect in that it is totally free, completely in our control, and though it is currently socially inacceptable in comparison, it is gaining ground as a more effective and pleasing way to live. I choose choice.
Socially Acceptable Is An Excuse.
Spread Some Joy Today–Break away from the crowd who believes that stress attacks, and stress causes, and stress kills. If stress were to exist, it would solely be caused by us alone. Accept full responsibility. There is joy in that.
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