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“We don’t serve the world by shrinking, 
but by shining.” 
— Dr. John F. Demartini 

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[Classic post from 7-23-15]

How many of you have ever been talking with someone, researching them on Google, LinkedIn, or in other ways see information about them that makes you think they are superior to you? That they know more than you? That they are vastly more skilled than you? That they have far more formal education and degrees than you?

Maybe you’ve been doing something for 20 years and then you meet someone who has gone further and faster in far less time than you have. Maybe they also make a lot more money than you. Maybe you think they have it all or at least a corner on a bunch of it.

Here’s the best thing to remember any time you might feel that way about yourself. They are also people. In more ways than you might imagine, they have similar experiences and they also have thoughts and feelings about themselves that may not always be self-uplifting. Maybe they too may put themselves below others they see or meet or find online.

Everyone has value. They have value. You have value. When we realize and accept that each of us has value, that each of us is loved equally by our Creator (which is true!), we can allow ourselves to give others praise as we would love to receive praise. We can uplift them and compliment them on their choices, as we would love that someone else makes those same observations about ourselves. We can celebrate their success without diminishing our own.

I have found that when I celebrate others and their accomplishments, the achieving of their goals, living their lives on their terms, I unconsciously celebrate myself. When I look for fault in others and find myself to seem inferior to them, I unconsciously become less in my own mind. Once I saw this happening, I began to do more celebrating of others.

We all make choices. We cannot help but make choices. This is a world of contrast, causing us to know more about what we like and want, which causes us to choose. Some chose long college times getting multiple degrees, others went straight to work and began families earlier. There are hundreds, thousands, or even millions of other choices and each is worthy of celebration from the one making the choices and those watching the events.

The more we celebrate others, the more we open ourselves to the celebration of ourselves. Whatever the choices are, no one is better than another. They each have different results, for sure, but none are better than another.

Which brings me to celebrating ourselves brightly without any thought of we being better than anyone else as a result of that. We delight in our own celebration of our decisions and the outcome, whatever it may be. All choices should be celebrated.

There’s Always A Reason To Celebrate Others, And To Remember To Also Celebrate Ourselves. 

Spread Some Joy Today–It’s a celebration of joy!

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