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“Where do you go for wisdom? 
How do we tap into the knowledge of others? 
 I visit people’s offices.” 
— John C Maxwell 

Yesterday, I received my latest issue (Jan 2013) of a favorite magazine, Success Magazine, and in every issue there is an article by a favorite author, John C Maxwell. I love reading John’s thoughts and words. He inspires me and brings me along in many ways, and his life skill is teaching and practicing leadership.

 So, I come to this month’s Maxwell article, What Your Office Says About You, and I had to laugh to begin with and then I read the article. In the article, he talks about meeting so many leaders from all around the world and visiting their offices and how things in their offices spoke volumes about them as leaders, and he goes on to talk about his own office.

At the end, he asks some questions: “What’s on your wall? Are there words of wisdom that keep you on track? Photos of someone who inspires you? Reminders of what’s most important in your life?” He suggests finding things if you don’t, and he ends with this line: “What you have on your walls communicates a lot to you and says a lot about you to others.”

I said I began to laugh when I first read the title of the article, and that is because I cannot imagine John C Maxwell in my office. He would probably have a heart attack on the spot. I can imagine that he might think, “this office says this guy is all over the place!” And, it’s true. I am, and I’m sure my office reflects it.

Other than my wife and family, almost no one is ever in my office, so I don’t entertain guests here generally. This gives me freedom and license to do as I please, and that often means that I move from project to project, almost always in front of my computer, and being the world’s worst case of messy desk, along with many other flat surfaces nearby. Filing, or rather the lack of filing is a long-term downfall, although I have many file cabinets full of files.

People who know me but have never been to my office would say that I was organized. And, I am. But, I am also not. My organization is compartmentalized. Someday, I will have the personal assistant I crave to help me have a clean desk and office, and until then, it may speak chaos to some, but it speaks home to me.

I Probably Need Some Feng Shui Guru On Staff. 

Spread Some Joy Today–Make a list of your successes in the last ten years. Feel the joy in that. Now go create some new ones.

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