Daily Inspiration 12-11-16

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whether it comes from desire 
or from someone else’s encouragement 
is still an incredible thing to me.” 

— Terry Minion 

This morning, I sat down at my trusty computer to write this post. I look to the left and grab a tissue and had instant gratitude for this flowery box of soft tissues. There’s that one tissue sticking up in the air, I grab one, and another pops up for next time. I thought, hmmm, what a fantastic little non-mechanized machine! I wonder how they made these things since they are fragile paper. I went to YouTube and there at the top of my search I find How It’s Made: Tissues.

What a wonderful world this is right now when you can sit at a computer and learn about pretty much anything you want, and even get differing perspectives too. When I was in school, no one had computers, nor did the school. The personal computer which changed life on this planet very quickly wasn’t yet invented.

In the last couple of days, I had to learn some things, even about my own business. We run an Internet Marketing business called Upward Trend, and we do a lot, yet it is a dinky slice of that grand pie called the Internet. There’s so much to know if you wanted to know it all, and I’m not sure there are any experts in the whole of it. So, I keep learning bits here and there.

A client sent me an email with some questions. I wasn’t really clear on the answers, so I spent half my day yesterday doing research. Then, I was able to respond intelligently and try to have it make sense to the client. You could say I was forced to learn, but that isn’t accurate. I was encouraged. I could have made some stuff up that sounded good, but I didn’t, and I got to learn some cool things about analytics. What a minefield that is! Still, I was very pleased to learn what I did and be able to respond to the client with good advice.

I could have been bummed out that I had to do some research or put myself down because I didn’t know the answers, but that is pointless, and besides, I love to learn. Even when I might be a bit resistant because I’m not sure where to find the information, as I let go of that silly rope, I’m excited and on an adventure in learning. Besides, what can you not find on one of the most fantastic inventions the world has ever seen since computers–the Internet.

I love learning more than almost anything, and I love getting excited about it, and feeling the joy of it. It reminds me of being a kid, as I was even more excited about learning then.

What A Wonderful Time To Be Alive! 

Spread Some Joy Today–by taking an inquiring look at one or two things that you take for granted. See how they’re made. Feel how wonderful they are in your life, even simple things like tissue, underarm deodorant, your sink faucet with drinkable, clean water coming out. Not long ago, none of this stuff existed.

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