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“There is a vast difference

between wanting and needing.”


— Albert K Strong

Needing to do something has often been thought of as a powerful way to accomplishment. Once in a while that might work, but generally it is not true. The main reason is that need comes from fear. It often causes acts of desperation, along with misspent time and money. It also begs for short cuts and hopes and prays for magic and miracles.

What does work is desire. Wanting is a powerful tool. It will cause one to consider options, to look at possibilities, to formulate a plan, to make a commitment and follow through. Strong desire is among the most powerful emotions for accomplishment. It is not fear-based, but love-based. It is joy and fun and child-like. It is anticipation of success, and as long as the desire remains strong, or as long as one can find more reasons to have the desire come to fruition, it becomes a forgone conclusion in time.

Need is negative emotion in action, and any time we have negative emotions making themselves known, this is an indication that we are out of alignment with our own true selves, our inner knowing of the right path for us. They are an indication of which direction we are headed and an alert mechanism to create awareness to find better feeling thoughts to get us back on track.

When we feel needy, this is a time to pause, reflect a bit and find things to appreciate right here and right now. As we find thoughts of appreciation, we will find more and more until we can get back into a grateful state of mind and back to our desire. What do we really want? I’m certain it is not desperation. I’m certain it is not being needy. I am certain that it is living in hope and joy.

This applies to everything we do in our personal lives and in our businesses. Focus on desire. Focus on what you want. Focus on the joy of being. Focus on love. Focus on appreciation of what you have and where you are and how far you have come. Focus on being of service to others. Focus.

Love And Joy Are ALWAYS The Right Answer!

Spread Some Joy Today–by taking your mind off of you and offering appreciation to someone else.

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