Daily Inspiration 12-11-10

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“Your paycheck is not your employer’s
responsibility, it’s your responsibility.
Your employer has no control
over your value, but you do.”
— Jim Rohn
The concept of this great quote by one of my favorite mentors, the late Jim Rohn, is something I am so glad I learned, and I try to teach it where ever I go. We provide the value to others by what we become. We value ourselves by what we are willing to learn and how we are willing to expand to become more and more.
I’ve seen many who want more money, but are not willing to become more in order to get it. That is not going to work very well. As we become more valuable to the company, we receive more value in the form of money, responsibility, authority and so on.
I’ve tried to look at it this way: even if I offer to do something for no additional pay because I want to learn it or I think it will be a valuable skill to have, I figure that I am getting paid to learn. You go to college and you pay them to learn, but go to a company for work, and they pay you to learn! What a great deal that is! You’d be amazed at the things I’ve taken on for free that brought me skills that I sold for more money later on, and all the while getting paid to learn. Doesn’t seem fair to the employer. . .
Learning And Earning Are Closely Related.
Spread Some Joy Today–Learn something! That will spread some joy.
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