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“Within you there is a stillness and a sanctuary

to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.”

–Hermann Hesse

In 2001, I wrote a song that I played in church several times. I wrote a lot of them, but this one was always special with me personally. When I sang and played it, I was always in such gratitude and love and it brought out emotion in me that rarely came out. It is a simple song and here are they lyrics:

Nobody loves me like You, Lord

Not even one; no–not even one
Nobody loves me like You, Lord
Not even one; no–not even one
There is no One like you, not one

You love me when I’m at my best

You love me at my worst–and, yes,
You love me when I kneel and pray,
And even when I walk away
Your love is like an always open door (and more)
Inside I am complete forevermore, (for)
There is no One like you, not one!

I’m not much into religion. I’ve studied it, spent a good deal of time around it, but there are so many rules, expectations and dogma. Yet, I love God more than I ever have and that is where this song came from.

I was thinking about this idea just the other day. I was doing some things that if others had known about would have had much to say, although, not so much to my face. Yet, I felt totally free from judgment. In fact, as I thought about it more, I realized again what caused this song to come to fruition. It is that I think the Lord, God, The Universe, or whatever name someone wants to give, thinks pretty highly of me. Not higher than anyone else, but loved fully and completely. No matter what.

I can tell you that the peace of that was overwhelming and I rejoiced in a love so without condition and exclusion.

The message I bring here is to consider such a love for you regardless of anything you may think you’ve not done rightly. You are loved as fully as am I and we can all rejoice in such a love.

Nobody Loves Me Like You, Lord.

Spread Some Joy Today–by spreading your love and your loving thoughts whether you actually speak aloud or not. Your thoughts have power and influence.

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