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“The more you know your
beauty, power and worth, 
the less you need
to validate you.

The less you know your 
beauty, power and worth, 
the more you need 
to validate you. 

The more you know, 
the less you need.” 

 — Alan Cohen 

As simplified as this sounds, the quote above is all about liking, or rather, loving and respecting ourselves. It involves a realization that we have power–predominantly, the power of thought and activity. Though very few ever realize the full depth of that power, there is a point where many of us get to where we recognize its value and that it does exist.

It also stems from appreciation of all. Not just ourselves, and yes, ourselves, absolutely, but that appreciation needs to extend to all of those that are around us. The reason is because we realize that at the base of things, we are made of the same materials and Creator. To not appreciate is to automatically depreciate ourselves.

Worthiness is a tough one for many because they look for someone or something else to validate our own worthiness. This cannot be justified from without, it is like happiness and peace, which can only come from within. We are worthy because we are and there is need for no more than this.

Beauty is often put into a tiny box, but is truly universal and is displayed in millions of ways, all of the beautiful. Beauty cannot be contained, it can only be expressed or not expressed. All we need do is express the beauty we have within us and it will be reflected without us.

Power. The history of the world has proven over and over and over again that the power of humankind is awesome. Some of that awesome power is expressed as the power to be, power to build, power to destroy, power to heal, power to praise, power to love, power to understand, power to create. This, as in the others, is not something that is given by others as it is pulled or brought from within.

 Indeed. The more you know, the less you need. 

Power To The People! 

 Spread Some Joy Today–This week while you’re out and about, carry some extra cash and every time you pass a red kettle, or other opportunity to donate, drop some of it in. It doesn’t have to be much, although I’m sure generosity is always accepted, but it will make you feel wonderful and peaceful. That is joy.

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