Daily Inspiration 12-10-10

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“We often take for granted the very things
that most deserve our gratitude.”
— Cynthia Ozick
Over the years, when referring to people who write self-help or inspirational books, I’ve heard several people say, “they just do that to make money–it’s all for personal gain.” I used to swim upstream with them a few strokes, then I just let them have their opinion. Of course, this opinion, each and every time, is not based on having read any of the books these people wrote. It must be based on some cosmic wisdom or other such information source.
As I remembered a couple of those instances of people who were close to me, it caused me to think how genuinely grateful I am for all of those who have taken the time, energy, and expense to share their thoughts, advice, ideas, and stories with me.
My mind has been shaped and molded by each and every book I have ever read and there are certain authors that I have a particular attachment to and so dearly enjoy their messages and work. Not one of them has taken me a place I did not want to go. In fact, more often than not, I didn’t heed the wonderful advice that was in so many of the books, audio, and video. I am always in charge of the gateway to my mind and the workings of it as well.
I thank all of those who have shared with me and I sincerely hope they made hundreds of millions of dollars as a result. Frankly, I think they’ve earned it!
Express Appreciation For Your Mentors!
Spread Some Joy Today–This is only one area, but I am sure there are others that we are taking for granted. Let’s all do as little of that as possible!
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