Daily Inspiration 12-1-16

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“We are all at once 
both composition and a composer. 
We have the ability 
not only to compose the future 
of our own lives, 
but to help compose the future 
of everyone around us 
and the communities in which we live.” 

— Maya Angelou 

In the last few days, I have experienced two people telling me how much something I did or said to them long ago meant to them, and how they became more as a result. What’s also interesting is that I wouldn’t have remembered these things until they told them to me.

Of course, we know that our lives affect more than our own life, don’t we? And, I think that most of us would hope that we are doing that in a positive way; albeit, we may know that our influence can also cause pain and distress, even without our realizing what we are doing.

I think the reality is that as we live, as we work, and as we relate to other people, it is impossible not to be an influence. And, a great question might be, how am I influencing others or my environment?

In these two cases, as far as I was concerned, these acts and words spoken were out of love and kindness. We would have no idea that it might affect them 20 or 30 years into the future, yet it easily can. And, it need not be something that stands out to us, yet it can seem magnanimous to them.

Who knows how a simple kindness we offer can affect another person’s life? Who knows how a loving act can affect another person’s outlook on themselves in self-esteem, or even self-love?

I believe that we have the capacity and power to direct our own lives as we will choose. Knowledge can help us understand how this works and may even enhance the process, but we all have the capacity and power at all times. In other words, we create our lives consciously or unconsciously. It is happening regardless. At the same time, we are affecting others as we make our own choices, and as we interact with them.

It makes me think of that phrase about doctors that was inspired by Hippocrates to do no harm.

Seems Like Great Advice For All Of Our Lives. 

Spread Some Joy Today–Yes! Let’s do that today. No ill will. No harm. No nasty looks. No sighs of disgust. Just joy. Simply joy. Exquisitely joy.

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