Daily Inspiration 12-1-13

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“Extinguishing the tantrum cycle.

Consider three ideas:

1. Listen to the person, not the tantrum.

2. Tantrums want to deal with tantrums.

3. Create systems to avoid it in the first place.”

— Seth Godin

Probably every business and personal life there is one or more situations where a tantrum is trying to take charge and control the environment. As a fan of management expert, Seth Godin, he recently published a short blog piece about ways to deal with this situation. I thought it was very good and that you might get benefit from it.

See the whole piece here:


It’s Not Fire With Fire. It’s Much Cooler.

Spread Some Joy Today–What does it feel like to have a perpetual smile? Even one that is not always in full bloom, but always in the Spirit?

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