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“Work expands

so as to
the time
for its
— C Northcote Parkinson

In Runaway Bride, Richard Gere’s character called himself in jest, The
Last Minute Man. Many times I can relate to how he was feeling. Waiting for
inspiration can reinforce the last minute methodology. Sometimes I follow Jack
London’s famous advice where he says, “I don’t wait for inspiration. I go after
it with a club!” Certainly seems more proactive, when waiting seems so inactive,
and I am not a fan of inactive generally, unless of course it is on purpose and
for a short and specific time frame. That’s what naps are all about.

I had two important projects that were due today on
the last day of the month. I just barely got one done, half on the other and
begged for the weekend to finish it up. I hate going down to the wire. I want to
follow through and complete important projects in a timely manner. To me that is
well before the deadline–at least, that is my plan.

Sometimes it is the volume of things coming, and
other times, I’m reverting to procrastination, but the main reason projects come
down to the wire for me is that I am not fully sure what I am going to say or
how I’m going to handle it, so I want to mull it over, chew on it and wait on
the inspiration for a while. Then Tuesday turns into Saturday, and pretty soon
the deadline is so near that I have to stop everything else and get focused.
Focus, Minion, focus! That’s when I get the club out go after it.

I know I’m not alone. . . and there’s at least one
or two of you out there that can relate. 

Here’s To All Your Projects Done Perfectly And Always On

Spread Some Joy Today–When you have joy in your life every day, some
people think you’re abnormal. I say Hallelujah to that! I AM!

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