Daily Inspiration 12-1-11

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“Why should we think upon things that are lovely?
Because thinking determines life.
It is a common habit to blame life upon the environment.
Environment modifies life but does not govern life.
The soul is stronger than its surroundings."
— William James
Stuff happens. Sometimes even coming with physical feeling and mental trauma, yet continuing to placate those symptoms with like-minded thoughts will only prolong the effect and then it turns into an endurance run.
How can we think of something more pleasant when it is throbbing? Sometimes the situation is so close or so loud that the best thing to do is find any kind of relief. Take a nap, a bath, a day off, or something like that. From that new vantage point, you can begin working, or rather playing, by considering things that are lovely and other better feeling thoughts. Maybe it is a little at a time, moving to better thoughts and then better and so on.
If this is practiced with awareness of the need, it won’t be long before you find it a piece of cake to move from feeling bad to feeling great. Or, we can choose to remain where we are. There are really only two choices: to feel better or to feel worse. We always have the control box in our own hands.
We Are Far More Powerful Than We Realize.
Spread Some Joy Today–Decide today that there is nothing more important than that you feel good, and choose thoughts that cause that feeling.
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