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“The pathway to success in your career
lies in maximizing your strengths."
“Besides leveraging your strengths,
one of the other secrets to job success
is to staff your weaknesses."
— John C Maxell,
from The 360 Degree Leader
Maximizing my strengths… hmmm… that sounds like a good idea. I get it. Do what you do best. I’ve heard that before. Find out what you do best and then do that more often. Yeah. That’s the ticket! So. . . what were those strengths again?
I’ve taken so many tests to determine my strengths that I should know all that by heart even though many of the tests had varied results. The last one I did was promoted by an excellent speaker, Marcus Buckingham, who co-authored a book titled, “Now, Discover Your Strengths." They used 34 themes to help determine your strengths.
I don’t think we need that many. I think we all know pretty much what we are good at and what we are not as good at, along with the things that we are not good at all at.
I think the key of these quotes is the second one: staff your weaknesses. Now, that one I totally get and agree with. I own an Internet marketing company where we build websites, blogs, and much more. When we started it was me and my partner and I built the websites. I’m not that good at it, so finding someone to help with that was a priority and now I concentrate on things I’m better at, while at the same time, having our company excel as a result of staffing my weaknesses.
Whenever possible and as soon as possible, I highly recommend staffing our weaknesses. Another word for it is delegation. You still get to oversee it, but there’s an old management edict: delegate, delegate, delegate. Sounds good to me!
I Am Strong When I Staff My Weaknesses.
Spread Some Joy Today–Whatever you don’t do so well, see if you can find a way to let go of it and have someone help. Maybe you could trade with someone else, and you help them and they help you.
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