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“One of the best ways
to realize that age is an illusion
is to have your body get older
and realize that you are
who you have always been.” 

— Alan Cohen 

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Birthdays are interesting things. Today I am 68 and yet I don’t feel anywhere near that age unless I am lifting heavy objects for a time. Then I notice it. In reality, I am not old at all, or very, very old, depending on how you look at life.

I am who I have always been, and thankfully, wiser in the process of my journey. I didn’t change, but my knowledge, my perspective certainly has. I am not more than I was, I am more of who I really am, and I realize that my journey is now clearly focused on knowing myself in my fullness and depth as a Divine aspect of God incarnate.

What fascinates me is this year and how my journey has been one of transformation. I suppose I’ve always been on this journey, but in the majority of my life this far my ego was so much more in control. Now it is so different. I think differently. I see the world differently. I see myself differently and yet I feel that I have much more journey ahead, and in this, I find nothing but joy.

Heck, just in the last six months, my expansion has moved to a much higher level for me. What is even more interesting to me is that it has almost nothing to do with my external life, and everything to do with my internal life.

I am filled with love. I am filled with unconditional love for myself and all other people. I no longer react to things and events and instead flow with them, understand them at a deep level whereas in the recent past I would react and then work on letting it go. I’ve become an observer. I have let go of judgment and reprimand and have accepted the Divine in all and in respect and admiration of their individual journey and experience.

I know it may sound way off the edge, but this is where I have come. My delight in arriving at this place is beyond words. It is best expressed as pure love, of being in-love. Fear pokes its head periodically, but I recognize fear so clearly now. I am learning to simply let it move on through as it continually seeks more fear to grow on. I have no food for it here.

As I celebrate this birthday, this journey and especially the last six months, I see so much more ahead in my own expansion, enjoying so much more fully the expansion of all.

I Am In-Love As I AM Love. As We, All Are In Truth. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by letting all that fear, those petty disagreements, that reprimand of the self and of others go today. Just for today. You can pick it back up tomorrow if need be. Today there is peace. Today there is Love.

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