Daily Inspiration 11-9-13

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“Everything changes when you

start to emit your own frequency

rather than absorbing

the frequencies around you.

When you start imprinting

your intent on the universe

rather than receiving

an imprint from existence.”


— Barbara Marciniak

Everything changes. Everything. It is amazing to watch it happening. It is amazing to see it in ourselves and in others. At some point, as discussed a couple days ago, our fear of things staying the same becomes greater than our fear of change. It is so amazing when intent is put into gear.

It is interesting how long we can continue doing things that we’ve lost interest in, that no longer satisfy us, and more. It is often called ‘going through the motions.’ I think it is called that because it is like a machine that keeps running even after the ignition is turned off. Ever had one of those cars?

But then one day, we decide that we’ve had enough of that and we go see a mechanic, or trade the car in, or sell it, or give it away. Then we begin moving again. We feel refreshed, alive, engaged. Maybe it took a bit of inspiration, some coaching, but regardless of that assistance, it is always our own affair in making the change.

After that decision or intent has arrived, it is among the most freeing, gratifying, and exciting places to be for how ever long it lasts. There will be more. It’s just a process, and though some are deeper than others, the process is never ending.

I Deserve Better. . . I Want More. . . I’m Tired Of This! These Are All Good Beginnings.

Spread Some Joy Today–Are you ready?

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